As an artist I constantly question familiar elements, for example, a house or a wall. When I encounter everyday items, I have this urge to rediscover both their tangible and intangible characteristics.

Familiar objects evoke reflexive and unconscious thoughts in any observer – it's what makes them familiar. To get to the core of these objects, I separate them from their function and deconstruct them to the point where this process is interrupted. The deconstruction results in visions that I approach in different ways, ranging from instinctive to artificial. Along the way, I create a new logic, which I then use to reconstruct the object to something that evokes both familiar and new thoughts.

I trust in the imagination of the observer. When looking at one of my works, one is confronted with a subtle manipulation of the archetype of an object. The object feels familiar, yet suggests a distorted version of reality. The simplicity I strive for walks the line between association and alienation.




2008 - 2012 AKI, (ArtEZ) Academy for Art and Design, Enschede/the Netherlands

2004 - 2008 SUPŠ, Secondary school for Arts and Crafts, Prague/Czech Republic



2019 Charlotte van Pallandt prijs

2013 - Publicprize, Twentsche Courant Tubantia

2013 - Saxion Prize, Art Commission



2019 Stokroos sculptuur stipendium

2017 Stroom Den Haag, Pro Invest

2016 Mondriaan fonds, Jong talent



2018 - Residency at GinDS, bunker in Hoofddorp/NL

2013 - Residency at R10 in Zwolle/NL



"ArticulAction Art Review" Special edition, ARTica Art Team, UK

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April 2016 "ArticulAction Art Review" Special edition, ArticulAction / UK

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